Beliefs firmly held!

Dear D,

_______9:30am_____ Saturday; 15th December, 20xx

“My Lord and my God, I have come unto you, come into my life. Please accept me. I pray that you forgive me all my sins. I know that you died on the cross for my sins and rose up again on the third day. I accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour…”

D, those and some more were the words I spoke as I stood in front of the altar weeping profusely. It wasn’t very lengthy, yet it contained such sedative more like power capsules; that was able to give me ‘unspeakable peace’. Thinking back to the moment makes me smile sheepishly as I listened to the preacher preach…

“He loves you in spite of what you think about yourself or what you have done. He doesn’t love you just because you’re good or had done something great. Remember, He loved us while we were yet sinners and still he chooses and loved us enough to send His only son to die for us….”

I zoned out again while thinking about those words. Don’t get me wrong I am a Christian more likely church goer, so I’ve heard these line of words been preached over and over again. But this time around they sounded d-i-v-i-n-e! I obviously grew up in the church. My Dad & Mum always takes my siblings and I to the Lord’s House every Sunday and any other activity day. But that was it! We were commited church goers and oh! We read the Bible too.

“… Going to church doesn’t make you a born again Christian, you must have decided to make Him the lord of your life and develop personal relationship with him…”

My heart beat tend to increase without control as I listened. My life was okay, wasn’t in any kind of trouble or problem; I should be happy but yet I felt miserable like something was missing. What it is? I have no idea. In the process of garnering information, I tried everything possible but to no avail. Deciding that hiding my emptiness under the mask of hard work was the best. It was then, I attended the program held in church on the last day. As I sat in church, I felt like answers to my deep questions would be answered…

“…Open to the book of 1st John 1:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness…. God can forgive you any of your sins; but all you have to do is to acknowledge Him as Lord and saviour, accept him and confess. Give your life to Him. Return back to Him while He can still be found… If you want to turn to Christ, so he could save you, come forward to the altar…

At first, I didn’t want to go out for fear of what people might say ( I was quite popular), but at the same time I knew I had to else I might miss it. I rushed out, in fact I ran regardless of who might be watching; I couldn’t sit back any longer, with adrenaline rush I descended from the gallery to the main auditorium. By the time I got to the altar, I was panting. Standing in front of the altar before the pastor, I hadn’t even realised yet that I was weeping already and silently begging the Lord to have mercy on and make me His own. I prayed with me heart as I felt an overwhelming peace within.

The preacher started “Say this prayer of faith after me… My Lord and my God…..


Dear D, I don’t want to bore you with so much stories but the experience was epic. The joy and peace I feel withing is indescribable. And D, I also got baptized by being immersed in water. I’ve also got couple of foundational Bible classes to attend. Today was amazing. I can’t wait to share my convictions- my beliefs firmly held on Christ with my friends and family. Oh! The fire within me is burning so hot that I can’t stay still🤗.I must stop here for now D, we would talk later. Thanks for listening to me love you😘!

NOTE: The experience I had was one I won’t forget in a hurry. Mind you people have various ways the came to know about God; and they are all very unique trust me!

ACTIVITY: Firstly, write in your own journal, what your own divine experience was. The secondly in the comment section, with just one word, describe how you felt!

Diary of a Christian girl (series)


Hi! My name is Eva and I am a Christian! I know right? It is such an awkward thing to say or way to start an introduction. You know that point when the masses are like ahhh…ohhh… Shhh…. Nobody needs to know about your religion blah.. blah.. blah..just flow with the crowd; okay!! But then I ask why not? Why won’t people want to know my identity and what I stand for? For me this isn’t just about religion, in fact it is about lifestyle. It is an ongoing adventure, where I emerge victorious and sometimes fallout. Put together, being a Christian is a frabjous experience. I believe I really need to loud this out.. “that I am proud of who I am!” Come to think of it, if “the others” are so proud of who they are and wherever they belong, then, why can’t I?

So here’s the deal, I would be opening up my heart(not with sharp objects though.. lols), my thoughts and my actions (okay, maybe not all but some of them😆). But anyway, the fact still remains that there would definitely be some sharing. I can’t wait to get started on them though🤗. So get your pen & jotters out, because in the process of sharing my story more like extracts from me diary(of course I do keep diary, though most times am not consistent). I would love to hear your opinions, your thoughts, and what others like me (you know what I mean, don’t you?) go through or think. To be sincere, most times I do think am the only “Xtian gurl” that go through a whole lot… Then I must really be soooo special huh (lols), but won’t it be super nice to hear from other super-duper girls(boys are invited) like me☺️.

Our topics would be ranging from our convictions, Bible, love, relationship, family and so much more; carrying out certain activities and assignments after each talks… would make our diary sessions so sleek🤗 and seriously, I don’t mind getting your ideas on other topics too. We could also discuss on issues both personally and generally.

(Rubs both palms together) what then are we waiting for.. I say let get all out on this ride together✌️

NOTE: I want you to know that whenever I write in my diary, I most specifically converse with someone. A very loving person. Can you guess who that person is?

ACTIVITY: Try writing a diary maybe of your daily activities or something so special or specific that happens(ed) to you. It may or may not be everyday…. And if you do write, do you think you are writing just on a plain piece of paper or to anyone in particular?